The 4th National Scientific Conference – Polymers in Medicine is behind us

The 4th National Scientific Conference – “Polymers in Medicine” was held on May 23-24 at the headquarters of Lukasiewicz – Lodz Institute of Technology, attended by Katarzyna Romaniszyn, Head of Regulatory Unit | MD and IVD MDR Regulator, Ilona Korczak – Cegielska – Clinical Trial Manager Pure Clinical and Piotr Christyniuk, Vice President of the Board of Directors Laboratory Assistant Pure Clinical Lab Network.

The conference was a good opportunity to exchange scientific experience in the wide application of natural and synthetic polymers in medicine, pharmacy and dentistry. The meeting was targeted  primarily at academics – experienced researchers, as well as students, postgraduates and those working in the field of business practice.

The lecture by Katarzyna Romaniszyn entitled: “From design to implementation. Marketing of a medical device – technical documentation and manufacturer’s responsibilities” was considered one of the most interesting. The new MDR Regulation imposes a number of requirements on medical device manufacturers that must be met in order to market a device that will effectively support the treatment of various types of diseases and ensure full safety for patients.

– A number of scientists presented at the conference, presenting projects they are currently working on and would like to commercialize in the future. Many scientists are currently focusing on animal-derived components that could be used to produce medical devices: naturally derived collagen, chitosan. There is also huge  interest in nanomaterials and natural components – biopolymers, biodegradable, the production of which would reduce environmental pollution. There was also a lot of discussion about biological testing of medical devices and expanding the knowledge of scientists regarding the design of a medical device, in order to eliminate errors at the design stage and prepare documentation in accordance with the requirements for medical devices, said Katarzyna Romaniszyn.

Catherine prepared a presentation that provides a concise overview of the requirements for manufacturers, the various stages of product design and the required documentation.

– We have gained many new contacts, several people have expressed a desire to cooperate so that we can help implement new products, and several scientists have also offered their help as experts in various fields,” added Katarzyna Romaniszyn

Ilona Korczak – Cegielska, PhD, spoke on “Preparing for a clinical trial in the context of obtaining a grant.” When conducting a feasibility assessment of a study, Pure Clinical, in cooperation with a given clinical center, conducts an analysis of the profile of potential participants, their characteristics and the recruitment capabilities of a given medical facility. Moreover, the factors identified in the study feasibility assessment influence the determination of the risks of conducting a clinical trial, the final planning of the trial along with the determination of the timeframe, and clarify the budget of the clinical trial, which is an essential step in the context of applying for and obtaining a grant to conduct a clinical trial.

– The “Polymers in Medicine” conference was a noteworthy event for engineers, investors and enthusiasts of innovative solutions in the medical sector. The event brought together participants from many industries and provided an opportunity for a rich exchange of experiences. There is no denying that the current world is focusing its attention on nano structures and materials of natural origin, which personally makes me very happy! I am also very pleased that the projects that are created in the university’s nooks and crannies are commercialized, and that the design assumptions at the idea level are also formulated in such a way that in the future the products will be commercialized in the form of full-value medical devices with the CE mark. What’s also worth bragging about are talks about innovative dressings, medical devices used in cardiac surgery and modern biomaterials for bone regeneration and the need for clinical trials. Pure Clinical has experience in conducting clinical trials for such devices, which makes it all the more gratifying that I had the opportunity to talk about it with the participants,” Ilona Korczak-Cegielska concluded.

Conference attendees also enjoyed a lecture by Piotr Christyniuk on biobanks and biobanking. As part of the presentation, Peter outlined the principles of biobanking at Pure Clinical Lab Network’s Microbiology Diagnostic Biobanking Laboratory. He also discussed the laboratory’s resources, maintaining service quality, biobanking goals and donor acquisition strategies. – I had the opportunity to introduce our Laboratory and Biobank. Our resources, goals and marketing strategy – you can also persuade online,” said Peter Christyniuk.