Selection and contact a notified body

A key step is the selection of a notified body that is suitable to certify the manufacturer’s products for: classification, specific codes and conformity assessment procedure.

How do you choose a notified body?

To find out which notified body is suitable for certifying your products, your company should first of all specify:

  1. What is the qualification and classification of the product?
  2. What specific codes apply to the type of product?
  3. What is the conformity assessment procedure applicable to the product?

On that basis, approved notified bodies may be chosen from among those that have sufficient knowledge and experience of the products concerned. The duration of certification, the structure of the fees for the various stages of certification and the specificity of the contact with the notified body concerned are also important aspects.

It is worth stressing that notified bodies do not provide consultation in the certification process, which is due to strict legal requirements.

If your company wants to operate efficiently and effectively, choosing the right notified body is the key to success in implementing a new product.