Internal audits

Internal audits provide precise information on where errors should be eliminated as well as the reasons for their occurrence.

How to conduct an effective internal audit?

In vitro diagnostic medical device legislation and the international standards ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 contain a large number of requirements that govern the activities and tasks performed by your employees on a daily basis. An implemented quality system helps to meet most of these requirements effectively. Maintaining this system requires an effective audit programme, taking into account both internal processes – within the organisation – and external processes – subcontractors and suppliers. An effective audit programme in your company requires the participation of an experienced audit team, which can identify the non-conformities and weaknesses of your company and help you to pass the audit of an external certification body without any problems.

How can we help?

As experts with many years of experience in auditing and legal requirements, we are ready to plan an effective internal audit plan for your company and carry out audits of key processes for your company