Medical Research Agency conference

Our representatives – Katarzyna Wesołowska and Adam Sobantka – took part in the Medical Research Agency conference. ⤵

This renowned state institution will celebrate its 5th anniversary next year and plans to be intensively involved in the development of Clinical Research Support Centers in the near future. ABM’s new project will also include moderating discussions, research and work on the development of translational medicine.

In this context, it is worth quoting a sentence said during one of the lectures by prof. Maria Siemionow from the University of Illinois at Chicago, who stated that “Every innovation we introduce requires the good of the patient.” We absolutely identify with this saying! ☝️

– We had the opportunity to learn more about the five most advanced ABM projects conducted by Polish research centers. We hope that in the near future they will also concern modern medical technologies, not only medicinal products – emphasizes Katarzyna Wesołowska.