MDR Regulator at Impact ’23

MDR Regulator was a partner of Impact’ 23. The conference took place on May 10-11 in Poznan. This is one of the most prestigious economic and technological events in Central and Eastern Europe, with the participation of Polish and global experts.

The two-day session included a panel entitled: “Diagnostic potential using new technologies/ Diagnostic potential using new technologies,” moderated by Katarzyna Wesołowska, CEO of MDR Regulator Sp. z o. o. and Board Member of Pure Clinical Sp. z o. o.

The debate was attended by Piotr Węcławik, Director of Innovation at the Ministry of Health, Rafał Staszewski, MD, Deputy President for Research Funding at the Medical Research Agency, Karolina Tkaczuk, MD, Senior Director, Innovation and Academic Alliance at AstraZeneca, Maciej Max Latos, Chief Financial Officer at Roche Poland, and Paweł Elbanowski from StethoMe.

During the discussion panel, we could find out that new technologies are:

  • Faster and more insightful diagnosis;
  • More effective prevention of serious conditions;
  • Eliminating diagnostic errors;
  • Better and cheaper treatment.

Experts agreed that modern technology improves treatment, provided the disease is diagnosed at an early enough stage. It can also be helpful in preventing some diseases. The most important thing, however, is for patients to take a greater interest in their health and not to underestimate any worrying symptoms. This is being met by modern solutions, such as various health apps.

Personalized medicine, which means the close interaction of diagnosis and therapy, is beginning to play an increasingly important role in treatment. Thanks to precise diagnostic methods, it is possible to determine differences between patients suffering from the same disease and then tailor treatment to specific groups. As the panelists said, these changes are already happening, and in the next 3-5 years we are facing a real revolution in this field.

Watch our coverage of Impact’23 below.