MDR Regulator and Pure Clinical have established cooperation with the Clinical Research Center of the Jagiellonian Innovation Center

Establishing cooperation in the field of laboratory services and implementation of projects at the level of medical experiments and clinical trials for medical devices using the infrastructure of the Clinical Research Center of the Jagiellonian Innovation Center has been the main topic of dialogues between Katarzyna Wesołowska, CEO of MDR Regulator Sp. z o. o. and Adam Sobantka, CEO of Pure Clinical Sp. z o.o. with Katarzyna Bętkowska, Director of the JCI Clinical Research Center, Dr. Anita Burkat-Dulak, Board Plenipotentiary for Innovative Projects, Mark Bartosz, JCI Board Member and Agata Mleczkowska, PhD, Senior Business Development Manager JCI.

The Clinical Research Center of the Jagiellonian Innovation Center specializes in conducting clinical trials and carrying out complex research and development projects in the field of medicine and related sciences. The center cooperates with leading regional, national and foreign research centers located both in Western Europe and in the USA and Canada.

“Our companies operate on the same market. We see an opportunity for joint activities to expand our services. Pure Clinical has a network of research and diagnostic laboratories with a diverse range of activities that rank among the leading research centers in Europe. The centers in our network provide the highest quality of tests performed, confirmed by numerous national and international certificates. Establishing cooperation with the Clinical Research Center of the Jagiellonian Innovation Center will enrich our offer”, says Adam Sobantka, CEO of Pure Clinical Sp. z o.o..

“Our mission is to provide a range of complementary research and development services to partners pursuing innovative projects. We are pleased that in the area of medical devices and clinical trials we will be able to join forces with experienced partners. We are convinced that the synergy effect we achieve thanks to this will allow us to further our own development as well as that of our partners,” adds Marek Bartosz, Member of the Management Board of Jagiellonian Innovation Center Ltd.

The medical technology industry is one of the most innovative parts of the economy.

New products that help to save and prolong lives emerge almost every year. Bionics and implantation techniques are developing rapidly.

Acquiring new contacts will enable MDR Regular and Pure Clinical to implement innovative products. We have unique experience in clinical research, regulatory, auditing, medical technology, as well as business management and marketing. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we are able to efficiently launch a product on the EU market,” added Katarzyna Wesolowska.

About Jagiellonian Innovation Center Company

The Jagiellonian Innovation Center Company was established in 2004 by Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Its mission is to build and manage the infrastructure of the Life Science Park, as well as to provide a broad set of services for entrepreneurs and scientists developing life sciences. Since 2013. JCI has been steadily expanding its offerings, most notably to include contract research services performed in the company’s laboratories and clinical trials conducted in JCI’s dedicated, specialized Clinical Research Center facility.

“The Jagiellonian Innovation Center, in addition to its service and research activities in the field of medical devices, among others, serves as a Business Environment Institution. It is a place where technology companies and research teams can develop their products with the aim of launching them on the market. The combination of the market competencies of the MDR Regulator and Pure Clinical teams, together with JCI’s scientific and research facilities, is beneficial not only for both Partners, but most importantly for potential contractors looking for a comprehensive offer on the market,” said Dr. Anita Burkat-Dulak, Board Plenipotentiary for Innovation Projects.