AI and the future of medicine at the MedStar Innovators conference

“When possibility meets reality” – this quote accompanying one of the presentations perfectly captures the essence of today’s MedStar Innovators conference “AI and the future of medicine”, organized in cooperation with Google.

Today, they met in one place, among others: healthcare industry leaders and representatives of startups with innovative technologies.

– Representatives of offices from the European Union and Africa and representatives of start-ups presented challenges related to the implementation of new technologies – says Katarzyna Wesołowska, president of MDR Regulator, who represented our company during the event. – Regulations do not keep up with technology and as an industry we are only in the process of establishing a framework for certifying modern technologies using AI and creating European medical databases. We need to establish clear rules on confidentiality and data integrity in the Union to create a common framework for the implementation of such products and their reimbursement.